Siddhartha Mukherjee: 10 Delightful Achievements by our Indian PR & Corporate Communications Industry

14 Sep,2017

By Siddhartha Mukherjee


Though not much has changed in terms of the ground level conditions that were actually meant to catalyse the growth and prosperity of our Indian PR and Corporate Communication Industry, I think the story lies in the fact that despite no change at the ground level, our PR Agency and Corporate Communications army has still managed to pull off a wonderful turnaround and facelift for the Industry.


If you look back, both the Corporate Communications professionals as well as the PR Agency service providers have achieved various small and big milestones that have helped move the needle!


Below is a list of 10 Key Achievements of our Industry:

1. Better placed in establishing Accountability & ROI: For a function that has always struggled to establish REAL value, it has proactively come a long way in establishing its effectiveness through right measurement, research and higher dependency on data. What started as a function that was all about news management, volumes of news garnered, equivalent advertising value and negative news nipped, today, given its aura, this function literally starts and ends each day with Scientific Measurement and Research data.

2. Attracting larger budgets: The above point is encouraging internal customers to invest more on this function.

3. Expectation beyond Media Relations and News Management: Slowly, but steadily, the PR & Corporate Communications function has been able to establish that their skill sets is actually into Brand Management and not just News Management.

4. Managed a seat at Strategic/Board Meetings: Given all this, the PR & Corporate Communications professional has carved a well-deserved seat for itself in Strategic or Boardroom discussions.

5. Well acknowledged Employer Category on Job Portals: There was a time when not all job portals will separately acknowledge and highlight PR & Corporate Communications as a potential employer category. Today, it is right there!

6. Participation in Plenty of Global and GloCAL Gratification platforms: Our Industry needs gratification. Today, there are plenty. Not only are Global Awards or Forums reaching out to our market, but also, there are interesting local Awards and Forums that are popping up.

7. A challenging contender of Social Media management: Our Industry has done an excellent job in capturing the title of being the key custodian of Social/Online Media management. Kudos to the PR Agency and their Client Contacts for doing a fantastic proactive job!

8. A wonderful samaritan during crisis: As a country or market that is abuzz with Crisis, management of Brand Crisis comes as second nature for our Indian PR and Corporate Communications professionals. Cost wise, effectiveness wise, understanding of stakeholder management, all these benefits come easy within our Industry!

9. Key Tool for Reputation Management: CEO and CXOs have realized the potential of Brand Reputation and what it can do with their own career graph! No wonder, their dependency on PR & Corporate Communications to manage Brand Reputation is acute!

10. Better Supply of Talent: On the supply side, educational institutes and academia are warming up to the idea of opening up institutes or adding special course curriculums that will ensure a supply of well-trained freshers ready to join the Industry!


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