It’s PRAXIS yet again!

15 Sep,2017


By A Correspondent


PRAXIS, the annual conference of Public Relations and Corporate Communications professionals in the country, is holding its sixth edition starting today. What started as an experiment by a keen PR agency professional and likeminded friends with the blessings of biggies in the business, is today being billed as the biggest PR and corp comm convention in the world.

In between running around ensuring all the arrangements are done with the finesse of an international event, founder and curator Amith Prabhu took time to ask the questions.

It took some convincing to get Prabhu to speak since he prefers to stay in the background, and have some young professionals take the lead in fronting the effort.

A disclosure before you read this. MxMIndia has been an early and active supporter of Praxis from even before it was launched. In fact we like to believe (perhaps incorrectly) that it was an article on MxMIndia by Prabhu post a dismal showing by Indian PR agencies at Cannes that led to the birth of the idea. This year too our support stays. However, this support will not influence our coverage on the event, if any.


So we are on the sixth edition of Praxis. As we get set for Praxis 2017 to take off in Jaipur, your sentiments having scripted the journey?

I am in disbelief that we have come this far. What was planned as a one-off as grown on to become an annual signature event in the calendar of the discerning Indian professional. The support from the fraternity is what makes it what it is. I feel humbled to have been the catalyst of this movement.


Everything as per plan?

So far so good. This is bigger in every sense. 12 international speakers. 606 delegates. 350 hotel rooms. 36 commercial and brand partners. It could not have been better than this. The theme Beauty of Communications – Integration of Content, Community and creativity will come alive.


So what according to you makes Praxis, the world’s largest PR congregation? Surely the PR fraternity elsewhere in the world is larger…

I have been to some of the biggest PR summits in the most evolved markets including those in New York, Chicago and Miami. They have about 300 people who come for a day or two, stay on their own. Here, we offer the entire package in an offsite location where every delegate comes from outside the host city. More than 50% stay in the same hotel. The summit includes two dinners, a live concert – it is an entire package at a price that is a fraction of what global conferences are priced which include just two lunches.


The highlights this year?

Everything hovers around six for the sixth edition. 6 keynotes, 6 panels, 6 special sessions. We have managed to bring 6 Global leaders of which four are CEOs of some of the largest PR firms. We will also bring out the list of the Top 100 important professionals ranked by the editorial team of Reputation Today – a magazine that was born out of Praxis. The Raghu Dixit Concert will be a major draw. All in all, it will be a memorable experience created by a three member team supported by a dozen volunteers.


A word to those who’ve missed out this year… why they shouldn’t have missed?

Every leading PR firm in the Top 30 will be there. We do not repeat speakers so some who have spoken in the past do not choose to come because they feel they know it all and we respect that. A few who won’t be here and had registered are cancelling plans due to personal reasons.  Those who missed out have forfeited a great opportunity of learning and meeting 600+ professionals under one roof over two days.


And PRAXIS 2018… where will it be?

As per our policy of rotating the venue to different zones without repeating the city, we are likely to take it to Hyderabad. We are tentatively aiming for September 28 and 29 in 2018. We have already opened registrations at at a 70% offer for this week.


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