It’s our Sixth. Thank you!

08 Sep,2017


Six years ago, we started MxMIndia as an experiment.

There were enough and more players in the advertising and marketing space. They were active and aggressive. And we must say some were doing a reasonably good job.

However, we felt there was a gap. For one, there was need for at least one more credible player in the market. While it was a B2B space we were operating in, it didn’t mean one had to sacrifice editorial integrity just because an entity was advertising with us.

Or just because an entity was not advertising with us did not mean that we would black it out. Or write nasty things about it. Or good things about its competitor.

But along with all of this, we believed that the A&M reader had matured. She or he needed content that extended beyond announcements or analyses with quotes strung together.

It was important to offer commentary. It was important to ask even the most powerful the tough questions. And even if they weren’t available for replies, we would pose the questions.

We must confess that the strategy didn’t work initially.

And we figured why.

Save a few aberrations, the formula that existed earlier was always to please.

For even though industry folk here, as in any other business, like to hear good things about themselves, we can say with much satisfaction that they adapted to our unique ways soon enough.

They respect us for our views, and are confident that we don’t have an agenda. We may damn someone, but we are quick to acknowledge the good work by the same person/ organisation.

That was how we started out on Onam Day six years back – September 9, 2011.

Since then our editorial and business teams have changed, many moved on – but once again we say with pride that we are in touch with most of them, in fact some even refer to us when they are applying for jobs.




Over the years, we’ve re-engineered our operations. We have fewer people working with us, and only on core functions and newsgathering.

We owe a lot to our various partners and stakeholders. All our columnists and writers, our technology partners and the many others who have helped us over the last six years.

While we thank all those who have advertised with us, our god isn’t our advertiser. It’s you, dear reader. And this means that we will do all that we can to ensure that your experience is never compromised. We’d rather lose revenues, but we’ll guard your interests.




Over the last three years, several publications have trusted us and commissioned us for building editorial content. However, just because Company X or Person Y is our benefactor, it doesn’t mean that we’re going to be extra nice to them editorially. Or not question them.

In the last few years, we have also developed this reputation for not publishing interviews of people whom we’ve spoken with. Some of these are biggies, whose time is precious. But if we believe that that not much has been said by the person, we don’t carry the interview. Ditto with commissioned articles.




Six years is a significant milestone. It marks the completion of five good years.

Thanks much to all those who have partnered us in this journey. Thanks for keeping the faith.


Best wishes,


Pradyuman Maheshwari

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