Indrani Sen: Celebrating with Print

25 Sep,2017

By Indrani Sen


It has become fashionable among professionals in the media and advertising industry to denounce print media and debate how long it is going to survive in India against the onslaught of digital media. However, the reality seems to show a different picture at the beginning of this festive season. Yesterday’s Times of India, Delhi edition had 100+ pages including 45 full-page commercial ads. The “Cover on Cover” concept has probably created a record with the TOI masthead and front page news starting from page 10 after 9 full page ads!

If the advertisers are willing to pump in so much of their advertising budgets on Print media during the festive season, we can write off the prophecy of Print Dying in India in near future. The question of arresting the decline in the rate of growth of revenue is a challenge which will keep on haunting the Indian Print media, but it will take many more years before the growth becomes negative.

The festive season kicks off with Ganesh Chaturthi in Maharashtra and Onam in Kerala among some other regional festivals across India. This year, Mathrubhumi launched a campaign with integrated media solutions around Onam and reaped benefits both in terms of readership and revenue. ( Apart from the English newspapers, it seems that regional newspapers in most of the states are also doing well during this festive season. In West Bengal where Durga Puja rituals commence from September 26ty, decent ad traffic has been showing in all the Bengali newspapers apart from the English newspapers.

Recently, we held a Communication Summit at Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, Pune, where we invited speakers from the industry to share “Stories from the Field” with our students. Among other speakers, we had invited Basant Rathore, Senior VP, Strategy, Business Development & Brand at Jagran Prakashan Ltd. The “Stories from the Field” shared by Rathore were a great learning experience for our students as well as faculty. I, personally, have decided to research more on Indian regional newspapers and to document reasons behind their phenomenal success.

Ever since I have started writing this column in, I have written only three articles on print media. Exactly two years back, on September 28, 2015, I wrote a piece “Why our Print Majors must come out of their Comfort Zones?” which was followed by “The Seismic Shift” on February 1, 2016 and”Indian Magazine Industry needs to look beyond Print” on March 6, 2017. I might have touched on print media in other articles which were not exclusively on the print media.

We will be able to assess the total spend of festive advertising in print and its performance in comparison with other media after the Adex for the festive seasons get published. In the meantime, let us celebrate this festive season with Print!



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