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28 Sep,2017


Starting Wednesday, October 4, 2017, MxMIndia news will also be disseminated via Whatsapp

But we respect your privacy.

So even though we may have your phone number, we will NOT spam you. Even though we know we should send you an update, unless you opt for it, we will not send you anything!

You need to do just two things:

1. Add us on your phone contacts. Save our number – 90829 15802 – on your mobile phone or device where you want the update

2. And then send us a text/whatsapp message (at 90829 15802) asking us to add you on

You must of course have WhatsApp loaded on your device.

Please do note that this is NOT a Whatsapp group. So your number will NOT be exposed to anyone, and you will ONLY receive messages sent by us.

In the text/WhatsApp message that you send us (at 90829 15802), you don’t have to send us your name and company name.

But if you add a location (Mumbai, NCR… wherever) and a specific area of interest (Broadcast, Print, BARC ratings, PR, Journalism, Creative) we can put you into a separate group which can also receive targeted messages at a later date.  By default, we will put you in a general ‘ALL’ group.

Please do note that there may be some advertiser messages that may come to you on this. We will tag all native/sponsored content.

However, we assure you that there will be no more than 10 posts that you will receive from us on any single day.  You need to trust us on the fact that we won’t send messages indiscriminately. So, on a certain day, you may well receive only two or three messages For instance, we’ve resisted the temptation on mailers and send no more than five a day, despite the lure of revenues.

Unless there’s something really very urgent and important, we will also not send messages between 10pm and 7am India Time. Our updates will be Monday through Friday, except for a short recap message on Saturdays. Only special flashes on Sundays and public holidays (once in a blue moon!).

Thanks and keep the faith. Remember the number: 90829 15802

Just to recount the steps:

1. Add our number 90829 15802 on to your phone memory (by saving it on your phone book or contacts)

2. Send us a Whatsapp or Text Message at 9082915802 asking us to add you on to the broadcast list

3 .We will send you a message on receipt

Do note that you can unsubscribe by simply deleting the number from the phonebook/contacts.

Currently, this service is available only via Whatsapp. However, at a later date, we may add other messaging platforms like Telegram, WeChat, etc.

We would like to alert you that you can mute messages that you receive from us if you find the receipt of message is a distraction.

When we got a friend to read this, she said we were being very apologetic. We said we aren’t. However, we respect your privacy and right to not get disturbed.

And, lastly, this priceless service is available free of cost.


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