Dabur Honey plays the weight loss expert, in latest film by Mullen Lintas

07 Sep,2017

By A Correspondent


Dabur India has rolled out a new film promoting Dabur Honey as the perfect ingredient for weight management.Commenting on the objective behind the latest communication, Rajeev John, Marketing Head-Health Supplements of Dabur India said: “With Dabur Honey, we have always promoted a healthy life. One of the core benefits of Dabur Honey is that it helps manage your weight if consumed regularly. Thus, in our new campaign, we are communicating the message that consuming Dabur Honey every morning with warm water helps you ‘Stay Fit and Feel Young’. Targeted specifically towards married women, the campaign is based on very strong insight and we feel that everyone should make it a daily habit… A ritual. We feel that this will strongly resonate with our target audience.”


The film by Mullen Lintas Delhi is based on a common perception that most women gain weight after getting married. As a brand, Dabur Honey is trying to build a healthy habit by telling them that drinking Dabur Honey with warm water every morning will help them keep their weight in check. Through this campaign, the brand hopes that consumers will adhere to the idea of consuming Dabur Honey every day for a healthy living.


Highlighting the creative concept behind the film, Shriram Iyer, NCD, Mullen Lintas said: “We believe, every individual should take advantage of the benefits of Dabur Honey by making it a part of their daily routine. Hence, the task set for the new campaign was to encourage women to have a spoon full of Dabur Honey in the morning as it can help them stay fit and feel young. The communication has been targeted at married women and is based on a strong observation that people, in general, believe that after marriage a woman tends to put on weight. As post marriage, the lifestyle of a woman changes and this may result in weight gain.”


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