Amish Tripathi presents the story of Advitiya Sita on My FM

22 Sep,2017

By A Correspondent


This Navratri My FM celebrates women empowerment with a show titled ‘Advitiya Sita’ by Amish Tripathy, popular fiction writer. The show runs across network everyday till September 30.


Commenting on the show and the association, Amish said: “The fight for equality between men and omen, across all communities in India, is one of the most important issues confronting us today. A country cannot achieve its true potential if half its population is kept suppressed. Even one of our ancient scriptures has said that ‘Gods stop answering prayers and abandon the land where women are not respected.”


Added Viplove Gupte, Chief Programming Officer, My FM: “What is one of the most noteworthy things that we at My FM intend to do every time is that break the rules of radio and bring out something that provides a pleasant surprise to our listeners. With our new positioning “Aaj Kuchh Achchaa Sunte Hain”, we have decided to bring “happy listening” experience for our listeners.



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