Zee unveils first English-language reality show in the US

22 Aug,2017



Zee TV Americas has launched the first English language South Asian reality show, ‘Made In America.’ The show is entirely produced and filmed in the US and marks the first time that a channel of Indian origin is producing content at a global scale for international audiences.


Said Sameer Targe, CEO of ZEE TV Americas: “We realised that there was a need in the marketplace to reach a younger South Asian audience who have an enormous desire to be in the glamour world. Zee TV, being the flagship television network for South Asians in the United States, we decided to launch ‘Made In America’ to fulfill their Hollywood dreams, and create a platform for them to be able to showcase their talents.”


As each episode focuses on one specific challenge ranging from an array of categories, at the end of each episode a winner is chosen, leading to a final single winner in the season finale of the show, which will air on October 12, 2017.


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