TOI revamps What’s Hot page

17 Aug,2017



The Times of India’s metro supplements will sport a new What’s Hot section, informs a communique. Interestingly, the comment on the refurbished page comes to us only from the recently appointed brand head and not the editor, as one would expect of any announcement of an change in the content of a newspaper. Guess the times indeed are a-changin.


So here’s what Sanjeev Bhargava, Director, Brand TOI said in the communique: “The refurbished look of What’s Hot should appeal to our readers because of a more reader-friendly look-and-feel and a stronger local connect. Keeping in mind the hyperlocal sensibility of our metro supplement as a brand, we believe that introduction of the city-specific logo is a perfect fit for our readers. Making the city pages specific, innovative, and brief, will aim to offer our readers, information of all the latest happenings in a fun yet informative manner.”


Since the metro supplements (Bombay Times, Delhi Times etc) are tagged ‘advertorial, entertainment industry promotional feature’ and carry some content that’s paid for, we aren’t sure what the criteria for the selection and highlighting of items on the page will be.


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