Tata Motors announces new corporate brand identity

22 Aug,2017



Tata Motors has unveiled a comprehensive corporate branding exercise which has emerged in the selection of its brand promise that says: ‘Connecting Aspirations’.


Notes a communique: “Connecting Aspirations represents the personality of the brand as an interconnected system of mobility solutions that are intelligent, perceptive, warm and expressive. It’s a symbolic tagline that is the past, present and future, it’s humble and bold, it’s a statement and challenge,” adding: “Easy to communicate and creating a strong resonance with every stakeholder, it is an apt expression to the Tata Motors brand. It is much larger and wider in terms of intent and interpretation – directed towards building the nation, developing smart cities, supporting and implementing government initiatives and delivering new technologies. With passion and expressive intelligence as a design principle, it is in sync with the company’s brand proposition of providing exciting and unique forms of self-expression, where every element of the vehicle represents a unique aspect of consumer’s individuality.”


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