Solving the M&E Puzzle

31 Aug,2017


By A Correspondent


At the recently held INMA South Asia Conference, Ashish Pherwani, Partner, Advisory Services, Media & Entertainment, E & Y LLP, spoke on how media companies should balance the pressures of running a profitable media business in the present while creating a business for the future


This is a summary of what he spoke:

At a global level,  newspaper ad revenue levels have been stabilised, as newspapers build digital models around some very strong communities; eg – NYT cooking app, Bild auto, etc. In India, the growth in news is 7%. It’s 4% lower than the other media. In many other developed countries, the primary source of news is TV or digital, hence the role of the newspaper is  changing to giving more opinion, analysis and width of coverage. According to a Reuters survey from across 26 countries and 50,000 respondents, younger audiences consume news online and through social media, and people above the age of 55 years also first receive news digitally rather than print. There is a possibility that print media will be dead in the next 10 years; digital deflation poses as a real threat. The solution? Organisations will have to grow reach exponentially (eg: Times of India and its width of offerings; creating the right brands for customer will be key), improve monetisation (via ad sales, ad network partnerships, syndication, transactions, subscription and monetisation of archives) and bring in cost efficiency via partnerships. All in all, the news organisation of the future will be focussed on building communities that are monetisable with news trading, curation-strategies, templated and AI-led efficiencies.


And this was his presentation


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