Sanjeev Kotnala: Get Lucky!

23 Aug,2017

By Sanjeev Kotnala


Were you unlucky last time. Did you lose and pitch and crib?
Or did you failed to close the deal or miss the promotion?
Well, I have something to share here.
Life is a book, and every incident in the past is just another story.
You have no way to change the characters, sequence of events or the outcome.
Only thing you can take from it, are the learnings.
And in the past, there are bound to exist at least a few ( for most of us many) where we would claim that LUCK did not favour us.
And this gives rise to ‘If Only’, ‘But’, ‘Maybe’; I wish and such equivalents in Hindi like ‘Parantu, kintu, lekin’.
At the same time, we see messages in Whatsapp that read like ‘Luck favours the brave’.
We all want luck to favour us. However, we also like to live in the safe confines of our own constraints.
Even believing in ‘The Secret’, we don’t give ourselves to complete visualisation with confidence.
Anyway, that is not even half the battle.
Is there a formula for being lucky. Is there a process that can change your luck?
No, I am not talking like winning the $650 million jackpot, but in general terms.
Won’t we want to be lucky?
Luck, the successful ( and hence Lucky) people will tell, in not an accident that happens in your life.
And yet, luck can be made to happen.
Don’t Doubt Yourself? Have faith and high expectation from yourself.
Half of the battle is won, if you believe you will win, most likely you would.
Don’t ever fail your instinct.
No, there is no guarantee they always be right.
However, it is worthwhile to pause, reflect and give your instinct a loud unbiased hearing.
Your body is receiving far more information than your filters are allowing you to relate and recognise it.
A lot more is being assimilated in your unconscious mind and even outside it. It is available to you as a sixth sense.
Train yourself to ask your unconscious questions you may not have answers to.
Sleep with the questions and wake up leaving your doubts.
Help yourself in identifying opportunities. Remember most of the opportunity presents itself dressed in doubt. Inaction will never lead you anywhere but to a later regret of ‘if only’.
To act, you will have to recognise not celebrate your fears. Get out of your comfort zone.
Let’s put it this way; you have been unlucky, what will be the worst to happen to you?

You will remain unlucky.

And that if I read you right is the current situation.

So, you lose nothing in stepping out and acting on the opportunity and your instincts.
Be ready to fail. You will fail.
Once that happens, do look inward and take-in your learnings.
That’s all you can do in the story of your life. It’s done and the life must continue.
Just do not start cribbing about the kind of luck you have.
Your thoughts have a way of manifesting themselves.
Strong negative thoughts anyway will not help.
Believing in yourself and the result can help you visualise the result.
This gives your body additional source of energy and positivity.
You will find yourself charged toward the objective.
Create space for luck into your life.
Luck most likely will stay away from an over-stressed burdened being.
You will never be in a frame of mind to interpret, recognise and accept luck.

An inner ‘If and Buts’ will close the door, leaving you with ‘If only’ regret.
Nothing beats willingness to make the more than desired efforts towards your goal.
Giving more than 100% is a must.
Once you have the best thought-out plans, understanding of the situation and your ‘ask’ in it, will the lady luck want to join you in your success journey.
Remember luck is an after-result realisation.
It is not something that you feel during the process.
It is a series of incidents that have the dice rolling in your favour.
You should realise that you control the way the dice rolls, and hence you control your luck and destiny.
Is it not lucky enough for you to be reading this article?
So, now just don’t sit back thinking whether what has been said above is right.
Have the belief in your being lucky and ensure that you put in your best!
Remember, you were one of the million sperms that fertilised the egg.
How much lucky you will want to be!

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