MS Dhoni vouches for benefits of LED Batten for Orient Electric

18 Aug,2017



The ads are all over television. In fact just just too many times for our liking in a one-hour duration on India Today channel on Thursday evening. But then when you’ve got longstanding brand ambassador MS Dhoni on board, may as well milk the opportunity.


Orient Electric, part of the CK Birla group, has launched an integrated advertising campaign with Dhoni for its range of LED Battens. The campaign features a TV ad that shows Dhoni being playfully picked on by his niece for not putting an end to the misery of flickering tubelight and upgrading to Orient LED Batten which comes with ‘No Choke, No Starter and No Flicker’, and ensures better lighting with significant cost savings.


Commenting on the launch of the integrated campaign, Anshuman Chakravarty, Head Brand & Corporate Communication, Orient Electric said: “It all started with our quest to find what’s next after LED Bulbs. The second biggest consumer lighting product even today is the conventional tube light with its choke, starter and its impending problem of flickering, which we all have faced in our lives. We realised that our communication around LED Batten ‘No Choke, No Starter and No Flicker’, could be a potential game changer.


Added Mayur Hola, Executive Creative Director, Contract Advertising, Delhi: “This one lit a bulb straight away. The brief was crystal, we knew the exact bone of contention (a flickering tube light) that needed to be played up. And we went straight for it, MSD in tow. This is also the inception of the entire LED Batten category, no brand has set foot there yet in terms of communication. It’s a big opportunity that Orient and Contract spotted in time and I’m sure it will do the job in taking the lead here.”


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