M&M introduces its iconic Red & Yellow characters in latest film

29 Aug,2017



M&M has released its digital film highlighting the comic camaraderie between the iconic Red and Yellow brand characters. The film sets a dialogue between the two with reference to their grand debut in India, as they speak to their fans, laced with wit and humour.


Speaking about the film, Raghav Rekhi, Marketing Director, Mars Chocolate India, said: “Our job was to tell India who Red and Yellow are and more importantly, what they are like as characters. We wanted to localise it to draw a connect with the Indian market and leveraged their global affability through a sweet tale of the simpleton Yellow and the sardonic Red. The films focus on the characters who are loved for their light-hearted humor, reflects the brand’s positioning, and we hope this brings a little fun into everyone’s lives”.


Added Navneet Virk, Creative Director and Senior Vice President, RKS BBDO: “As we browsed through the rich global repository of Red and Yellow’s adventures, we thought this story did a fine job of telling consumers about the characters in just a few short dialogues, in a simple everyday situation. They are unique, and in that their humour is universal and endearing and talks to grown-ups.”


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