Let’s get together to save Mumbai!

30 Aug,2017


By Pradyuman Maheshwari


Baadh mein gaya Mumbai. This was the Amul ad from August 2005 on the unprecedented heavy rains flooding Mumbai causing loss of lives and havoc to people, their homes and properties.

There have been a few other Amul ads, that you can see here.

Perhaps the folks at da Cunha are working on an all-new creative for this year’s downpour. The quantum of rains may not been a patch in comparison to what we had in 2005, but it was more than the normal.

What got the entire country talking about it was the presence of a hyperactive social media, messaging platforms like Whatsapp and of course very belligerent English news channels. The belligerence has gone up ever since Republic TV launched earlier this year, with news anchors turning the tough questions to a screaming-and-shouting match.

There are several issues here. While one understands that even the world’s best urban infrastructure can’t handle heavy rains beyond a point, the scene in Mumbai was largely manmade and mishandled.

For instance, why was there no advance warning that there could be very heavy downpour. Why can’t we have graded alerts that ask people to stay indoors and keep schools and colleges shut?

What about the drainage systems of the city? Was there enough done?

Also, the potholed roads. Part of the problem of traffic jams is the presence of major craters at key positions.

Mumbai surely deserves better.

And it’s the community that reads MxMIndia – the advertising, media and marketing fraternity that needs to get into the act and force the government to act.

Let’s us have a safer Monsoon 2018.

But for that, we need to wake up now. And act immediately.

Else, Mumbai really baadh main jaayegi.



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