Dear MxM by Jaisurya Das: Smoking peace pipe can kill competition (+Will I get a job in media in New Zealand?)

31 Aug,2017

By Jaisurya Das


I read with interest a recent piece on this website on the huge media war in the English News TV space.My good friend and senior journalist (CE0 – MxM India) felt it was time the sparring partners smoke the peace pipe..


Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to this week’s Dear MxM, India’s oldest and largest online counselling board for the fraternity!

With due respect to my friend Pradyuman, I beg to differ. Competition of this kind is necessary and only helps put both parties on high alert at all times. Without doubt this has resulted in better stories and more in-depth coverage on both channels. While content may be lacking in terms of width and approach, the fact of the matter is that they are forced to outdo each other hour by hour.

Yes, I agree that the nastiness must be toned down but the peace pipe can be detrimental at this stage. What is necessary is the elevation of the war to a more mature level with mudslinging being replaced with incisive numbers that are realistic and come with significant clarity.

This is what marketing is all about. It is certainly time for them to introspect and devise warfare that is more relevant in the current times. Marketing has come a long way and there are enough and more methods to war on the ground and more importantly in the mind of the customer or viewer in this case.

Get real and fight like marketing professionals. This is the answer. Keep the pipe well serviced but avoid smoking. It kills.

From the smoke to the fire on the ground, here are our questions for the week sent in by our readers in Bangalore, Pune and Delhi.

Sir, my sister lives in Mumbai and is working with a leading news broadcaster. After work, the employees were let off without any advisory that it’s better to stay indoors and not venture out until water levels recede. It’s these ‘intangibles’ which make for a quality media company. Or so I believe. What’s your view? And why do you think that the same organisations which sermonise to the world on how they should be more careful and compassionate don’t take care of their own people.

I agree with you. Organisations need to be more sensitive in such situations and arrange for the safe transportation of their staff. Unfortunately these virtues exist today only in a handful of organisations and leaders.

I am quite appalled when I hear these kind of stories of indifference and in cities like Mumbai where nature’s fury is at its worst in this time of year.

Organisations love sermonising and it is only in such times that the truth is out in the open. What shocks me more is the CEO’s indifference.

Shouldn’t they take charge in such a situation and ensure people are taken care of?! I do hope better sense prevails upon them some day. Amen.

I have been seeing advertisements for migration to New Zealand and admission to universities in that country. I was considering this for my daughter who is in Class 11. But my problem is that I have spent 17 years in ad sales and I don’t know whether there is any future there? What is your view, Sir?

Thanks for writing in to Dear MxM. Migration to these countries are intended to give you a comfortable lifestyle and does little beyond that in terms of career prospects.

This is what I have seen and heard from my countless friends who have migrated to NZ and AUS over the years. They live a good life, apparently stress-free and enjoy a good lifestyle. They earn enough to do that and everyone is happy.

So if it’s career growth you are seeking then this isn’t the place. And moreover people who migrate take any job that comes their way so it’s all about good living, Period.

I had asked this question four weeks back, but it wasn’t published. I am in my final year of graduation and want to do a master’s before taking up a job in an ad agency in the account management department. I would like to know about the merits and demerits of doing a general management programme versus a media or communications management programme.

Sorry about that; we had two similar questions and hence had to drop one. But here we are now 🙂

If it is indeed advertising that you have decided on for your career, then it would certainly make sense to do a focussed PG programme in communication management.

This will help you get the fundamentals in place and will save you the time of learning from scratch. Employment opportunities would be better too especially if you manage to get a good media school degree.

I would urge you to start the process and work towards getting admission in a premier media school to take this ahead. I take this opportunity to wish you all success ahead.

And it’s now time for me to leave you to the rest of your week while I negotiate the Pune roads !

Stay safe friends and take good care of yourself this monsoon ! Till we meet again, Sayonara and God Bless.


Jaisurya Das, maverick and media evangelist eats, sleeps and makes love to brands. His consulting interventions are aimed at making brands powerful and sustainable. He is also the Contributing Editor of MxM India and Co-Founder of For more on his work visit The views expressed in this column are his own.


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