Withdraw watermark and we could ban data & login access for 6 months, says BARC in new policy

07 Jul,2017

By A Correspondent

Television audience measurement body BARC (short for Broadcast Audience Research Council) has had a policy for channels that withdraw the watermarking from their signals. But BARC did not administer the policy when a few news channels withdrew the watermarking a few weeks back.

But now, in a policy that  supersedes all other policies pertaining to intentional watermark switch off by a subscriber, it has expressly stated that any missing watermark for a duration greater than 12 hours, which cannot be resolved by the subscriber, would be treated as a case of intentional switch off.

Notes an announcement: “In such cases, BARC India’s Technical Team would establish the same and report such cases to the Management. The Management would certify the incidence to be a case of intentional switch off and report the same to the Chairman and the CEO of BARC India. The Chairman and the CEO would jointly decide to proceed with a response from BARC India. The response to such incidences is outlined below –

• BMW data of the channel(s) for which the watermark has been switched off will not be released at any point for the period when the watermark is missing.

• Subscriber login for the network would be deactivated from the moment intentional switch off has been established

• Once the watermark is switched on, both BMW data for the channel and subscriber login for the network would not be available for a further period of 6 months.”

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