Pammi Aunty’s latest video for Kurkure

04 Jul,2017

By A Correspondent


The witty Punjabi Aunty in her unsolicited unforgiving self has sworn not to spare people who spread rumours. In her latest video, Pammi Aunty, behind her signature pink glasses and facemask, is seen snacking on Kurkure Masala Munch and gossiping. In her witty-wicked best, she tells her friend Sarla, or Sarla Bhenji as we know her, to rubbish stories around her alleged lip job and myths around plastic found in Kurkure.


From blustering international events, such as, Brexit to cheeky comments on people around her, Pammi Aunty has surely kept Sarla Bhenji and her viewers hooked to the tongue-in-cheek humour through her characterisation of the Punjabi stereotype. All this for Kurkure, one of the eight brands in Pepsi Co India’s portfolio, which brings in over Rs 1000 crore in annual estimated retail sales.


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