Arnab Goswami lays bare realities of news journalism at FICCI event

31 Jul,2017

By A Correspondent


FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) hosted an interactive session with Republic TV founder and journalist Arnab Goswami last week with the theme ‘News as an agent of social change’.


And this is what Goswami said:“India is the only country where media can question any one on any subject including religion, the kind of journalism that we practice, the way we go over-board, boldness being shown by journalist across the nation and bringing out the truth from lies is helping media become agent of social change. This will also help us become global media platform before 2020. That is my dream.


Speaking about his early days in the media, Goswami said: “Delhi has helped me grow in my career as I have spent around nine and a half years of my professional life in Delhi and always felt that it was not a city that supported pure merit. In 2000-2001, I was about to leave this profession. I was frustrated as a reporter and journalist in Delhi since I felt I was a cog in the wheel. After shifting base to Mumbai which was the best decision I ever made as it helped me do my kind of journalism and what we do is possible for bringing in social change because I was physically separated from the centre of power of this country. This city has taught me the values of merit, independence and professionalism. I owe everything that I am today and everything that I can be, with your support, to the cities of Delhi and Mumbai.”


Continuing further, he said: “The television media has made politicians of this country accountable for their doings. We play a conscious role towards being a force multiplier for social movements. Such was the case during the India against corruption movement, in which Anna Hazare, Kiran Bedi, Arvind Kejriwal and Prashant Bhushan came together. Today, when media now questions Kejriwal as a politician, people ask me: ‘Have you forgotten that you are the same people, who put Kejriwal on a pedestal?’ But I never supported Arvind Kejriwal. I supported the fight against corruption. Our support was for the Lokpal movement and not for a group that wanted to become a political party.”


Expressing his views on why he endorses his brand of journalism, Goswami said: “It’s always a tough decision to take the path less travelled. Rival channels have always accused me of being over the top and presenting a dumbed-down version of the news. However, I am a firm believer in my form of journalism. We have created a form of journalism in our country, which does not believe in the ‘underhand delivery’. I look upon us as new-age journalists. It is my responsibility to throw those in power a googly or bouncer once in a while.”


Towards the end of his speech, Goswami posed a question to the FLO members as he asked:  “What kind of media do you want in this country? Do you want this media, irrespective of how noisy, argumentative and difficult it is? Or would you like to have the tame, quiet and sophisticated media that bowls underhand deliveries?”




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