Tanishq celebrates precious moments for Solitaire

19 Jun,2017

By A Correspondent


Jewelry brand Tanishq is known for its bold advertising, never hesitant to look at themes that are best left untouched by many. The brand has launched its latest film that celebrates a couple’s marital journey over a decade and another couple taking the big plunge with Tanishq Solitaires.


The first Solitaire film revolves around a modern-day couple, who are heading out to celebrate their 10th anniversary. The film showcases how easy it is for the man to pour his heart out about his wife’s tiny quirks that annoy him. Yet, when it comes to expressing his love for her, he is tongue-tied. He then hands her a stunning solitaire ring by Tanishq, which truly expresses his love for her. While a couple may have their fair share of ups and downs, they continue to celebrate their love in small ways. Through this film, Tanishq encourages couples to celebrate their special bond with a Tanishq Solitaire.


The second Solitaire film revolves around a young couple who are living in together. The woman has just returned from a trip and they are having a casual banter about the gifts that she has brought for her partner and friends. She continues to goad him about what he did while she was away and chides him for not doing any of the activities he had planned. He then proposes to her with a Tanishq Solitaire and claims that he does not know how to have fun without her.


Speaking about the films, Deepika Tewari, General Manager – Marketing, Jewellery Division, Titan Company Limited, said: “Couples today celebrate and showcase their love for each other in their own unique ways. Small differences do not take away from their pact to cherish and love one another. At Tanishq, we encourage couples to treasure their relationship and express their love through a Solitaire, which, like their relationship, is timeless. A Tanishq Solitaire is a symbol of their commitment and undying love towards one another.”


Added Rajesh Ramaswamy, Executive Director, Lowe Lintas: “Solitaires have always stood for the ultimate symbol of love. In this series titled ‘expressions of love’, we’ve explored different contexts, and different stages of a relationship. The presentation of each of them have been treated very differently, and we’ve tried to capture the little nuances and layer. It is of course highly influenced by our own lives and people we know. We’ve had insane debates but a great deal of fun. It is produced by Absolute Productions who put together a crew that was as excited as us to tell these stories. We are hoping that people connect with it at a personal level.”


Adding his thoughts, Hari Krishnan, President, Lowe Lintas, said: “Every relationship comes with own brand of romance and its own share of quirks. Tanishq understands the delicate nuances of every relationship. The solitaire is presented in this context as the ultimate expression of love.”


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