Siddhartha Mukherjee: HR is the first PR success!

22 Jun,2017

By Siddhartha Mukherjee


After the CEO, HR is the biggest and most important desk that should bear the torch of the Company’s Vision and Mission. Not just momentarily, but through the year! However, it is rare that we come across examples where HR is no longer just a support function but graduated to being a growth partner! No wonder, to justify their existence, they make their presence felt largely through reactive adhesion and not through the much required proactive cohesion.


Public Relations (or Target Audience Relations) takes a new meaning when it comes to PR for andwith employees. If a business concept has a buy-in from its employees, business growth and success will surely come. HR’s basic KRAs of Talent Attraction and Sustenance come easier then.


If you look at various stories of business failures (small or big), one of the main reasons (if not the only) has been that of employees getting alienated by the Company’s vision and Top Management. Which is why, irrespective of whether it is a newly launched entity or an organisation that is many years old, the Human Resource of that organisation should becontinuously prepared and aware of the business dynamics. Continuous, month-on-month communications programmes ensure increase commitment levelsand retention.


Below are some thoughts on how HR should become the first and a regular PR success:

1. CEO should get HR and Communications Work Together: Yes, rare, I know! But where it happens, this initiative pays off amazing dividends. The mandate should be very clearly drawn around the stated vision and mission. HR should focus on the employee experience and communications should weave the story through interesting personalised communications! This should not happen adhoc or a few times but every week, month, across offices and departments.

2. Understanding Internal & External Ground Dynamics: HR and Communications can start by gathering an understanding of the external and internal dynamics. More importantly, use that to set targets for the quality and quantity of employees the organisation needs to sustain. This should eventually give them way forward on attraction and permissible attrition targets.

3. Understanding the Word called Reputation:While there will be many self-claimed in house and external gurus of this subject, HR-Communications combo is best placed to understand reputation. The simple reason being that reputation is built or damaged by (direct or indirect) human intervention. If reputation is about promises or experiences, communicating those promises and delivering on those promises, the HR and communications team can become a perfectly constructive combination.

4. Working together on Talent Attraction, Sustenance and Exit: Attracting the right talent, working on the candidate’s entry process, sustaining him/her and being with the candidate through the last mile of exit from the company can be laden with multiple opportunities to build the organisation and maintain the brand reputation.

5. ROI Measurement Tool: Not just communications but HR department too comes under the scanner of proving its worth and ROI. There are amazing ROI measurement possibilities that will put HR and communications high on the altar within the organisation.


It is time that HR, IT and other such functions move beyond support and become growth partners. The words Human Resource is so weighty and full of responsibilities and possibilities. If Communications and HR really want, the prospective CEOs will not come from Finance, Marketing or Sales functions. It will be from the HR-Communications combination.


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