Publicis Media creates future-focused nextgen Board

01 Jun,2017

By A Correspondent


Publicis Media has created a next generation board which will work with the company’s global executive group to address opportunities and drive transformation across the company.


Notes a communique: Board members have the full support from local and global leadership, providing a real opportunity to influence the direction of all brands and practices within Publicis Media, challenge the status quo and implement global initiatives and projects


Launched across 14 markets  other than India – US, UK, Nordics, MENA, Singapore, DACH, Italy, Mexico, Australia, Poland, China, Russia, UK, Spain and France – the aim is to foster a spirit of collaboration across a group of high-performing individuals from around the world.


Each local board comprises 8 -15 employees identified as future leaders and representing diverse skillsets. They will work together to architect and activate medium to long-term deliverables that increase employee engagement and advance Publicis Media’s Trust, Talent and Transformation vision.


Said Steve King, CEO, Publicis Media:  “Our next generation of leaders are the future of this company. It is vital that they play a significant role in creating Publicis Media’s future, from both a talent and client perspective. The launch of the next generation board is about challenging and disrupting how we currently do things, to the benefit of all stakeholders. We had our first global board meeting earlier this month, which ran in parallel with the global Publicis Media board, and we were incredibly impressed with the proposals that were presented, some of which we have already started to adopt.  The energy and new perspectives that they bring are fundamental to our ongoing transformation and success.”


Added Anupriya Acharya, CEO, Publicis Media India: “The next generation board infuses fresh thinking into the organisation and brings forward proposals and opportunities that are truly creative, innovative, collaborative and path-breaking.  The Publicis premise of ‘Power Of One.’ resonates through this landmark initiative which cuts through regions, markets and boundaries”


Representatives from each of the local boards will meet four times a year to work on delivering specific global initiatives.  The first of these meetings took place in May and the company is already acting on the proposal by next generation board to harmonise communication across all global talent through the use of innovative new mobile technologies.


The executives who are on the India NGB are the following:


Name Brand Designation
Kunal Shah Performics.Convonix Vice President
Sushant Mishra Starcom Digital Sr. Vice President
Gurpreet Singh Performics.Resultrix Vice President
TanushreeRadhakrishnan Performics.Resultrix Managing Partner
VibhorMehrotra Performics.Resultrix Vice President
AjitGurnani Zenith Managing Partner
GautamSurath Starcom Sr. Vice President
AartiBharadwaj Publicis Media Sr. Vice President


Said Tanushree Radhakrishnan, Managing Partner, Performics. Resultrix in India who is on the Board and also attended the quarterly meet last month: “It was an absolutely brilliant and enriching experience to collaborate with the sharpest minds from 15 countries and work on the organisational challenges. It was exciting that I could actually present my thoughts to the Global Executive Group and work towards bringing a real change at a local and global level. I am honoured to be a part of the very first Next Generation Board and I am really looking forward to the implementation of our proposal.”


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