Nivea unveils digital campaign featuring Anushka Sharma

27 Jun,2017

By A Correspondent


Nivea India’s new digital campaign plays on the eccentricities of digital content and its consumption habits, especially the much-spoken about impulse of the viewer to skip a film within the initial five seconds. In a humorous yet matter-of-factly manner, the film depicts the director’s plan to create a film within this stipulated timeframe,which goes haywire when Anushka Sharma goes about with her usual brand talk.


Consumer research says that women want their deodorant to control body odour for at least 12 hours. However, in reality their deodorant “masks body odour” for only 5 to 6 hours on an average. Body odour resurfaces when they are in a social environment at work, at college or with family and friends, which makes them uncomfortable, conscious and drains their confidence. Triggered by these insights, Nivea has launched the deodorizer for women that promises day-long odourcontrol in just one use. Nivea Body Deodorizer is supported by a multi-media communication campaign, starting with the digital film. Creative conceptualisation and production is done by Interface Communications.

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