#FanTheFireinitiative aims to draw attention to alternate sports

28 Jun,2017

By A Correspondent


Adidas has launched its latest initiative #FanTheFire to focus attention on athletes who pursue lesser followed sports. Conceptualised by Cheil India, the digital film features NishchayLuthra, an Indian figure skater who has won four international medals for India and is a nine-time national gold medalist.


Speaking on the campaign, Sean van Wyk, Senior Marketing Director, adidas India said: “At Adidas, we truly believe that through sport, we have the power to change lives. With #FanTheFire, we seek to shine a spotlight on athletes and sports which are not mainstream, and in turn, inspire the next generation to take up such sports.  The campaign urges fan’s to support Nishchay and we hope that the encouragement of better-known athlete’s will help him gain the necessary patronage to reach his aim of winning a medal at the Winter Games in 2018. This is our commitment to provide the fuel for Nishchay Luthra and many more like him.”


Talking about the campaign, Sanjeev Jasani, Head – Digital, Cheil India said: “We feel proud of giving life to such a thought provoking campaign. We hope it fans the fire among the people of India and Nishchay gets his much deserving fans cheering for him in the coming Winter Games.”


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