Creativeland Asia appoints Manas Lahiri to head Delhi-NCR

07 Jun,2017

By A Correspondent


Creativeland Asia has announced the appointment of Manas Lahiri to lead its Delhi-NCR region business. In his last assignment, Lahiri was at Contract Bengaluru as Senior Vice President & General Manager.


Srijib Mallik

Speaking on the hire, Srijib Mallik, Board Member & Chief Operating Officer, Creativeland Asia who has recently taken on the role of leading Ventureland Asia, the investment company started by Creativeland founder Sajan Raj Kurup said: “When we met Manas for the first time a couple of years back, we were smitten by his understanding of the Creativeland Culture and were looking at the right opportunity to bring him in. Led by a passion for creative solutions, he comes with well-rounded experience in Sales & Marketing, Brand Management and Advertising. With this combination, he will accelerate our growth in the Delhi-NCR region while upkeeping the sanctity of the Creativeland Culture.”


Manas Lahiri

On joining Creativeland Asia, Lahiri said: “Creativeland Asia is a brand and a creative culture that has created remarkable work in the last decade. When I met Raj and Srijib for the first time, I was highly impressed with their vision and expansion plans. Delhi-NCR is an exciting market with some amazing brands playing big. Coupled with a great team, Creativeland Asia manages a huge equity here and my job will be to take it to the next level and grow aggressively. Exciting times ahead for us.”



Sajan Raj Kurup

Added Raj Kurup: “I am delighted to have Manas on board. This strengthens our plans for Delhi-NCR with a new creative leadership announcement to follow soon.”


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