By Invitation: Ashish Deshpande on World Industrial Design Day

29 Jun,2017

It’s World Industrial Design Day 2017. First declared exactly 10 years back by the World Design Organisation (WDO) on its 50th anniversary, WIDD increases awareness of the profession of industrial design and champions the power of design to strengthen economic, social, cultural, and environmental development.

The Association of Designers of India (ADI) will be celebrating this significant day at Pune, Mumbai and Bengaluru through its local chapters. We invited Ashish Deshpande, President, ADI, National Executive Council, Industrial Designer, Director, Elephant on the occasion of WIDD: 


Why India occupies place of pride in the World Industrial Design Map:

India has had a long history of “Design”. We are not talking about the modern context but our traditional crafts have since centuries woven local methods of production with a sense of exquisite form and function.

Design in its true sense is not new to us in India rather it has been a shallow trajectory as we slowed our adaptation to new materials, manufacturing practices and businesses in the modern industrialisation period of our world.

We have always been driven by our regional culture and needs and India is a sleeping giant that is waking up to the needs of the present and the future. By acknowledging its roots and value system and adapting to the new world needs, India has a point to drive on the world Industrial Design map.

Three reasons for India taking a place of pride;

:: Our regional needs are unique, represent the Industrial Design tackling “real world” problems and Industrial Designers have been addressing problems specific to such emerging economies.
:: Indian Design education is at par if not better with the best in the world and it is common to find Indian designers as part of global design teams.
:: The eco system for design covering government policy, higher education in design and awareness has now falling into place with India Design Council, India Design Mark and Association of Designers of India.


Why Industrial Design cannot be ignored by future-ready businesses:

Products and services are meant for people. When businesses ignore people and focus solely on technology or business innovation, their products become less relevant to consumers. Design is people focused. In-order to future proof business, it is important to look at people needs and aspirations. Industrial Design is a step by step process that helps businesses address latent and future needs. It looks at function and quality through a human perspective. Industrial Design culture within businesses ensures that businesses stay human centred with solutions that address the needs of their consumers through continuous innovation.

Says Shanoo Bhatia, President, ADI Mumbai Chapter, Director, EuMo: “With our government giving huge impetus to companies to Make In India, Industrial Design cannot be far behind. We need Indian designers to develop indigenous, contextual products that are also responsible to the planet and our environment.”


Why Industrial Design shines despite working in the background?

Industrial Design deals with expression and the joy of functional satisfaction. It is the first moment of truth with any product or service that connects the business thinking & technology with the real time consumers.

Adds Abhijit Bansod ADI National Executive Council, Director, ABD Design Bangalore: “Industrial Design always creates elegant simplicity even with Indian diversity + system complexity. It helps take good design to masses and bring positive impact on the quality of life.”

Says Bala Mahajan President, ADI Pune Chapter and Director, Ticket Design: “Industrial Design is at the heart of product development. Industrial Design thrives in situations where the problems to be solved are complex in nature and more human centered. We are finding solutions for problems that has deeper  meaning & relevance in context of India like health & sanitation. This is a crucial difference of enhancing life which goes beyond simply creating desire.”


Ashish Deshpande is President, ADI, National Executive Council, Industrial Designer, Director, Elephant


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