MTR unveils new breakfast campaign

25 May,2017

By A Correspondent


MTR Foods has launched a new range of Indian breakfasts called the 3-Minute Breakfast which is supported with a 360 degree media campaign including three TVCs and a digital film.


Commenting on the breakfast range and the communication, Sunay Bhasin, CMO, MTR Foods Pvt. Ltd. Said: “The organized breakfast market in India is driven by a need for convenience with consumers sometimes forgoing breakfast, particularly on weekdays, due to severe time crunch in the mornings. The MTR 3 Minute Breakfast will now give Indians easy access to a hot, comforting range of Indian breakfast that they prefer in just 3 minutes by just adding hot water. Our communication also focuses on how easily a delicious Indian breakfast can be made in the time you take to do your weekday morning routine, hence removing any excuse to miss breakfast anymore.”


Added Mahesh Gharat, Ogilvy & Mather: “The brief from MTR Foods was to communicate the key proposition of the 3-Minute Breakfast in a creative way by depicting various morning situations. We had to show the ease of making breakfast as well as drive home the key message that consumers need not compromise on breakfast anymore. As we had to talk to the young working professionals, we decided to take a relatable, humorous approach. All three films depict the morning rush in their lives when a lot cannot be achieved on time. But thankfully, MTR’s 3-min breakfast gets prepared in 3 minutes.”


In addition to TV, The Social Street was assigned the task of creating a film that resonated well with the urban millennial.

Commenting on the digital Film, Sonia Lal, Managing Partner, The Social Street said: “Our brief was to communicate with the young Target Group in the digital space and create some humorous content while conveying the brand message. The film shows a team of experts like scientists, astrologers and other specialists (one of them being a cat!) trying to understand  why the youth is mean  – with the simple answer coming from a mom who says that the youth skip breakfast because they are short on time and how MTR 3 minute range solves for this.”


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