It’s an encore for Republic TV in Week 20! 1.74x of Times Now

25 May,2017

By A Correspondent

The BARC Week 20 numbers for various channels have been published. Week 20 = May 13 to 19. And this is how it looks for English news channels:






However, on the evening of March 18 when some of the English news channels regressively pulled out of BARC ratings. This was done at the behest of the News Broadcasters Association, the apex body of news channels which is recognised by the government.

Hence the ratings above are for seven days of Republic TV and a little less that six of some others.

It may be noted that for Week 21 of BARC ratings which is due out next Thursday, the numbers of the English news channels that have pulled out of BARC watermarking will not be available.

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