Ipsos study identifies ideal role women essay in society

19 May,2017

By A Correspondent


A majority of Indians surveyed (64 per cent) think the role of women in society is to be good mothers and wives revolving around home, according to Ipsos Global Trends Survey 2017. As part of the Global Trends study, Ipsos examined global attitudes toward the role of women, parenting, and family across 22 countries by interviewing 18,180 adults.


Parijat Chakraborty, Executive Director, Ipsos Public Affairs is not surprised with the findings: “More Indian women maybe moving out of their homes, seeking employment and carving out a niche for themselves at workplaces, but society sees them more as accomplished mothers and wives in primary role, relegating other roles to secondary positions. Indian women cannot be seen shirking from domestic duties and winning accolades at work – at the cost of neglecting primary role that society has deemed on them.”


When it comes to having children, traditional views on the family are more widespread in India. About Eight in Ten (78 per cent) Indians believe that it is better for parents of children to be married than unmarried. Interestingly, for parenting also traditional views were found to be prevalent among Indians. 72 per cent of Indian respondents felt that there was further scope for parents to take more responsibilities for behavior of their children.


“It is encouraging to see India leading the pack on men taking increased responsibilities for home and childcare than ever before – a whopping 81 per cent of Indians conforming to this change,” added Chakraborty.


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