Girls for Gaga & guys for Bolt in this Brand Factory campaign… but why?

23 May,2017



We don’t quite agree with this campaign, but here’s the info based on a release we received. Brand Factory has launched its latest campaign called ‘Beta Bolt’ and ‘Beti Gaga’ to announce the ‘Sports Super Sale’ at flat 60 per cent off on all footwear and apparel.


Conceptualized and executed by DDB Mudra group’s Karma, the campaign is created in two parts ‘Beta Bolt’ and ‘BetiGaga’. While Beta Bolt spoofs fitness reasons created by a young boy, punned by naming him ‘Bolt’, the fastest man in the world, Beti Gaga satires the excuses that girls make to avoid going to the gym naming the female protagonist Gaga to resemble the party lifestyle of the popular singer Lady Gaga.


So why don’t we agree with the ad? Well, why get the woman character after Lady Gaga, and not after, say, Serena Williams? Or do Brand Factory and DDB Mudra believe that women are only nuts about looking good and copying celebs like Lady Gaga?Alternatively, they should’ve got a Lady Gaga equivalent for the guys… Justin Bieber perhaps?


Speaking about the campaign, RochD’souza, CMO, Brand Factory said: “The campaign differentiates itself from all other sports related campaigns, as it doesn’t compel the viewer to get sporty or active, instead it plays with their weaker resolutions and spurs them to at least go to the sale, whether they decide to get fit or not. Targeting all age groups the campaign talks of a customer behaviour where out of all those who resolve, few fulfil it. Brand Factory communication operates in the unconventional, youthful genre and we have tried to keep that spirit in the current campaign too”.


Commenting on the creatives of the campaign, Sanjay Panday, Business Partner Karma, added: “The idea was to be different from the regular sportswear ads, since the objective was to position the sportswear category in the lifestyle space. Through the campaign we have tried to convince the consumers that even if they keep on postponing their fitness resolutions, they should still not miss the Sports Super Sale.”

Sports Super Sale is on from May 25 to 28.


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