Diversity will help GroupM grow as an organisation: Rohit Suri

25 May,2017

On Wednesday (May 24), GroupM took newspaper readers by surprise with a front-page advertisement in business daily ‘Mint’. While it’s not uncommon to find ads on Page 1, this one was special because it was inserted by media agency conglomerate, it was an appointment ad and it was an ad inviting talent as diverse as anthropologists, musicians and coders (see image).


While broadbasing its scope and activity to beyond tradition media buying and planning has been part of what GroupM South Asia CEO CVL Srinivas has been telling us over the years, the ad actually puts into action what Srinivas has speaking about. We spoke to a few people from diverse backgrounds on whether they would like to join GroupM given the clarion call. The reaction was mixed, but the sentiment was that one needed more details on what the job would entail if the attempt is to get high performers from amongst the talented to apply. “For one, we don’t know too much about GroupM. But now that you’ve told us, it looks very interesting. As a young musician with what I think will be a very bright future ahead of me, the draw to this kind of a creative job has to be significant to pull me into making music a secondary vocation.” A student with a psychology major from a liberal arts college said the proposition was attractive and he would consult his parents and apply.

We asked GroupM a few questions given the ad and this is what Chief Talent Officer Rohit Suri responded via email.


What was the rationale behind the ad – in terms of attracting a very diverse set of background… musicians included?

Over the last few years we have diversified our talent pool to keep up with what our business will need in the future and are just intensifying the pace of this change.


Given the ad as an indicator of the profile of people you are looking to hire, what would you say will GroupM as an organisation be?

GroupM India is a digitally charged, data-centric marketing services conglomerate. With our seven agencies and specialty services, GroupM India gives clients the advantage of global operation and learnings, along with local expertise and market insight. With our investment in data, technology and diverse talent, GroupM India aims to shape the future and transform challenges into opportunities for our clients.


The general perception of a media agency network is that it’s involved with media buying, planning… crunching numbers, offering media innovations. So what’s the GroupM 2020 going to be like?

The industry is changing rapidly and the landscape evolving at a pace faster than ever seen before due to evolution of technology and we are nimble to imbibe this change and have worked tirelessly to transform our business to adapt to these changes.


While traditional media agency employees may have had a certain affinity to their profession and hence the organisation, but isn’t there a risk of “outsiders” not having the same kind of loyalty to the business and the organisation?

We do not believe this is true. Diversity will only help us grow as an organistaion, it will fuel collective insight and lateral thinking within GroupM India. In today’s media environment collaboration and open source is paramount and loyalty towards the profession will come when people get to do great cutting edge work which they are passionate about and are rewarded fairly.


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