JWT works up a humorous tale for Pulse candy

11 Apr,2017

By A Correspondent


Pass Pass Pulse, the candy from DS Group, has rolled out its first TV commercial with a tag line of ‘Pranjaaye par Pulse najaaye’, with quirky and humorous examples of how far people can go to save their favourite Pulse Candy.


The first TVC, conceptualised by J. Walter Thompson Company, is the master commercial that outlines the length to which people will go to hide their Pulse Candy and also the extent people will go to get their hands on a Pulse Candy.


Speaking on the brand, Shashank Surana, VP, New Product Development, DS Group said, “Pass Pass Pulse has been a category disruptor and was an instant hit with the consumers across age groups since its launch. Thus, the idea was to create a campaign, which can reiterate the love of consumers for the Pulse candies. The TVC beautifully showcases this emotion, demonstrating the popularity of the candy. With the launch of this humorous TVC, our endeavor is to take the brand’s popularity to the next level and further strengthen the consumer connect.’’


Said Shujoy Dutta, Vice President and Executive Planning Director, J. Walter Thompson Company:“It’s well-known that candy is an impulse purchase and normally we would assume that this would appeal to the children. But when we were commissioned to work on the brand we discovered that the appeal of the candy spanned all age groups. Consumers enjoyed it so much that they were also buying them in jars – and during the development of the campaign we heard that the demand outstripped the supply and it became difficult to get your hands on the candy.”


Speaking about the TV commercial, SundeepSehgal and Siddharth Prasad (Executive Creative Directors, J. Walter Thompson Company) said: “The challenge of working on a candy campaign is that the category has already seen a large volume of work and expectations from candy advertising are high. We were looking for a unique, fresh take that would give people yet another reason to love Pulse. We noticed that people in office wouldn’t keep Pulse on their tables, but in a drawer or behind a book or something. A little game of hide and seek was playing out right in front of us, and that’s where the campaign idea came from.” Commenting on the line ‘PranJaaye, Par Pulse Na Jaaye’ they said “it’s a quirky reflection of how people protect their Pulse candy.”


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