Gear up for some action, says Fastrack in new tongue-in-cheek campaign

03 Apr,2017

By A Correspondent


Fastrack has unveiled its new ad campaign titled ‘Gear up for some action’ which bears the signature brand persona. Synonymous with the progressive mind-set of millennials, Fastrack has designed this campaign specifically for Reflex, a dynamic new product in the smart wearables category which tracks calories, monitors sleep, counts steps and is high on style. The latest campaign launches the new category in Fastrack’s portfolio of youthful, trendy products, in a manner that’s uniquely Fastrack.


Elaborating on the concept behind the ‘Gear up for some action’campaign, Suparna Mitra, Chief Marketing Officer, Watches & Accessories at Titan, said: “The youth have evolved and so have their needs, especially their love for technology. Millennials look for multifaceted products and we want to provide them with empowering productsthat meet their continuously changing lifestyles. The latest campaign for Reflex goes beyond conventional communication in the wearables space. It’s a fun way to celebrate the needs of the youth, who desire a combination of smart features and trendy design.”


Said Hari Krishnan,President (South), Lowe Lintas:“Fastrack is a brand that has always tried to be the candid voice of youth. In that context, when Fastrack decided to launch Reflex, a new range of fitness/activity trackers, it was another opportunity for the brand to present its own candid view on ‘Fitness’. The word ‘activity’ has a different meaning in the youth lexicon. From chatting to jogging to even flirting, almost everything is an ‘activity’ and that’s exactly what we decided to trip on”, says.


Sharing his thoughts on the campaign, Rajesh Ramaswamy, Executive Director, Lowe Lintas Bangalore says, “Activity trackers is a totally new category. But we had to always keep in mind that this product is by ‘Fastrack’. Fastrack has always had a lighter take on everything. Probably just like the audience we want to connect with. Very few seem to be having fun with a topic like ‘fitness’. So we came up with a tongue-in-cheek take on fitness. We had fun making it. Also because we had Vinil Mathew making it for us. Hope they all love it like we do.”


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