Dear MxM by Jaisurya Das: Is it fair to restrict employees to be active on social media &Twitter?

27 Apr,2017

By Jaisurya Das


Jog my memory if you can, but I just can’t seem to recall any brand in media that has become a leader showcasing one human being; the one that did it, came with huge monetary muscle that went beyond acceptable marketing budgets and hence…

Ladies and Gentleman, Boys and Girls, welcome back to a fresh edition of Dear MxM!!

Now that all I have your attention for a few minutes, let me ask you this one question that is of immediate relevance…

In the media space, do brands make giants of people or do these faces make giant brands ?

The answer to this would probably decide the fate of the famed ArnabGoswami vs Times Television war that is panning out across the country!

I have reason to believe that the first few weeks will hold the key to sustainability and the larger concern for both players would be the diminishing audiences for TV news per se. I for one have stopped watching TV news for long now and am not certain if one man or one channel can get me back with the same vigour that I enjoyed a few years ago.

Time is our biggest nemesis and TV news isn’t spared it’s wrath either and it will need a very elevated level of content and rhetoric to overcome the madness of racing against the clock.

I guess for now, it’s best to sit back and soak in the excitement as these companies and people pull out all stops to gain the winning edge… !


Read on for our Q & A for the week with our readers from Mumbai

and Delhi:


Sir, am interested in getting into an agency that specialises in photography for the media. Is there a future for these? Please help 

Thanks for writing in to Dear MxM. To be honest, am not sure how many agencies exist in this space purely for photography services. Yes. there are professional photographers who supply their work to advertising agencies etc but they are most often independent people with a few assistants.

As companies go, there are very few large established ones in this space and hence growth and lateral movement may become a constraint for you. You have not specified your specialisation and beret of that my advice would be more generic.

There is a future for all creative work but it’s all about getting the right mentors and ideal opportunities to showcase your talent. My honest advice to you at this stage would be to meet with a few professionals in the photography space and weight your options on the road ahead. All good wishes to you!


I know this has been asked before. I have been reading a lot about sexual harassment cases in the media and not much is been done despite all the furore. Why don’t sites like MxM and columnists like you do something about it?

Why are you singling out media? Almost every space sees cases of sexual harassment and both women and men go through situations such. Media probably is more in the news and gets all the exposure and hence the belief that this is rampant in this industry.

This isn’t the reality though and there are numerous cases that come up in other industries including the evergreen IT industry among others.

I have personally written on this subject several times on this website and others as well to draw attention on the concerns.

This very website has covered various views on this subject but the problem lies elsewhere and it’s character-related. If you have a rotten egg in a basket, you will end up with a bad omelette, no matter what spice you use!

People need to be sensitised constantly on treating each other with respect and more so at work!

Time to get real and rein in those hormones collectively!


Sir, recently I read about a leading media group restricting employees to be active on the social media especially Twitter. Is it fair?

No, I don’t think it fair to restrict basic social freedom, though yes some amount of restraint may be sensible.

As long as the employees don’t use these mediums to badmouth their companies and/ or their colleagues etc, I see no problem with this.

Most often these restrictions come into force, when people take freedom for granted and start abusing it. Corporate decorum is important and striking a balance is the key to being active on social media and yet not overstepping the line as a corporate citizen.


This also means it’s about time I restrain the length of this column and move on to my weekend! Have a lovely weekend my friends and take good care of yourselves. Till we meet again then, its #JD saying Sayonara ! God bless you all.


Jaisurya Das, maverick and media evangelist, eats, sleeps and makes love to brands. His consulting interventions are aimed at making brands powerful and sustainable. He is also the Contributing Editor of MxM India and Co-Founder of For more on his work visit The views expressed in this column are his own.


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