Chef’s Basket redefines its culinary journey

12 Apr,2017



Chef’s Basket, a leading gourmet cuisine brand, has announced that it is embarking on a new culinary journey and redefining its brand identity.Emphasising on the need for rebranding, Varun Jhawar, Director and CEO of Fizzy Foodlabs said:“What we choose to eat, how we prepare it, serve it, and even how we eat it are all factors profoundly touched by our individual cultural inheritance. It is becoming obvious that an understanding of many aspects of the cultures of others, including their food traditions, is indispensable in any human communication. Consumersare inspired by new cultures and want to try new cuisines and they are slowly inclining towards the global food palate. We believe that consumers are always excitedto exploretheir taste buds and open to experiment with diverse cuisines. “


The brand transformation is reflected in the new packaging, logo and re-designed website, notes a communique.

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