Siddhartha Mukherjee: At Goafest, PR shows the way to the ad folk

30 Mar,2017

By Siddhartha Mukherjee


My first contribution to this column began with an article titled ‘Advertising owes a lot to Public Relations’. Ever since, while many reiterations of this fact have come and gone, the latest example is that of Goafest.

One of the main TO DOs almost every industry event needs to manage are the 2 ‘Es’ – Egos and Expectations – of various stakeholders. Further, while every event has its own logical reason for not being able to score full marks on the above, Public Relations inevitably comes to the rescue – before, during and post the event.

Goafest, the biggest carnival of the Indian advertising industry, yet again, has banked on Public Relations to manage footfalls into the event.

Though in spurts: Key Messages, Frequency, News Formats, Multipliers etc. have been visible about Goafest PR during the last few weeks. A welcome addition would be the visual element. Footfalls into events can be managed to a great extent by visuals. Visuals can go a long way towards managing the two Es.

The Goafest brand communication case study should be great assertion to the advertising professionals that Public Relations is not a supplementary but complementary Brand Building Tool! As for the PR industry professionals, it is a moment to be proud of!

The question is that why is the Indian PR Industry not doing PR on this? Industry’s quintessential requirement and my years old desire of “PR needs PR” can yet again get addressed through this wonderful talk point.

The PR Industry body/ies should not let the hardwork put forth by a team working on Goafest PR go in vain.

Some quick ways in which the hard work going into Goafest PR should be leveraged are:

1. The PR Industry body should talk about it

2. The Education Institutes should get to know about this

3. TAC (The Advertising Club) & AAAI can issue a letter of appreciation which further can be leveraged through PR

4. The Goafest website should have a dedicated section on a collage of news spread being garnered for the event. All that I could notice was a collection of mailer ads in the “Media” section.

5. A simple survey can be implemented where delegates are asked if they got to know about Goafest or decided to come attend the event basis mailers/ads or through news can be a good re-iteration of what really works.

While the PR Industry ends up salvaging India’s advertising carnival almost every year a few tweaks can make even the advertising industry captains realise that PR, more than just advertising, can make an event a winner.


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