Sanjeev Kotnala: Is Scarecrow consciously trying to be different?

01 Mar,2017

By Sanjeev Kotnala


I personally loved the new Rasna film Pyarelal Ka Bachpan Ka Pyar by Scarecrow. It was a bit of pleasant surprise. It is a classic case of the brand willing to refocus its lenses and to experiment. It is about a long journey and not necessarily just a drink that children love. Yes, there are people who raise their eyebrow and voice their dislike for the film.

If you look through their portfolio of work, it does lead to an important question: Is Scarecrow trying too hard to redefine communication? Is it right for the brand and the audiences they want to engage? There are no straight answers.

Rasna, is the world’s largest manufacturer of instant fruit based concentrate. It’s the leader within a very narrowly defined powdered drink segment with more than 85% share. It is still maintaining its costs per glass at just Rs 2 per glass!

It is not only Rasna, where this young Scarecrow has been creating ripples with its approach. I don’t think their work ever goes unnoticed within the fraternity and the consumer.

The Rasna new film was launched with a trailer in the digital world, and it raised curiosity.


Manish Bhatt of Scarecrow defends his work stating: “Every Summer Season, Rasna does product attribute-led campaign. This year we have gone ahead with emotional over-arching campaign with the message ‘Spreading Love For Generations “. Like Coke occupies happiness, Honda occupies dreams and Volvo occupies safety, Rasna has always occupied the emotional space of spreading love in the consumers’ lives. With this year’s Campaign  ‘Pyarelal Ke Bachpan Ka Pyar’. We wish to summarise what Rasna stands for over the years.”



They have won most of their metal in the Radio category. Manish Bhat empathises that it was a strategic call by the agency. They have been the radio kings. On the other side, they have been doing some fairly interesting work in the digital engagement and traditional media space. Viral experts, is the other tag that they have earned with their approach to digital exposure and engagement.

It seems they hate being in the safe territory. It’s heartening to note that their clients share their conviction and show their confidence in them. I presume that their internal discussion starts with a simple question. So, what can we do differently?

Fortunately, they have more hits than misses. It is worth complementing and appreciating this eagerness to do differentiating work.

Rasna was a hyper-craze in late 1980s and early ’90s. The cute loved model Ankita Jhaveri ruled everyone’s heart. The category was booming. The tastes and formats have evolved. It made the task of engaging and remaining rejuvenated that more difficult. At this stage, this slow burner, lovely ‘Bachpan Ka Pyar’ tries to rekindle the charm and celebrate 120 billions of Rasna glasses consumed through the decades. Thanks, Rasna and Scarecrow, for not creating a chest-thumping 120 billion glasses numeric shouting irrelevant communication.

Manish Bhatt further says: “Only 30% of Rasna demands comes from children. For the people who has been brought up consuming and loving this brand since childhood – it refreshes the memory, puts them into nostalgia, and gives them a reason to love the brand all over again. It is that ecstatic emotion of celebrating 40th wedding anniversary with the brand you always loved since childhood and married happily”.

If that is the case, would you agree that the strategic direction seems right? I need not to add that Ram Seth ( Pyarelal) and Daisy Irani have not left any efforts to make the brand celebrate.



The new TVC is retro in its feel. However, it completes the loop with a quirky twist, it just about avoids becoming out-dated for the new generation. Rasna as a brand is planning a double-digit growth and further expansion of the product portfolio. For which, they will have to punch over their media weights.

Now let me present some of the work, which demonstrates Scarecrow’s approach to work.

No, I have not seen this one earlier. The TVC titled Mrs. Pinto for the Video Door Phone with Visitor recording by Panasonic. It does seem to be working over hard.



Public Service has been raised to new level of interest intrigue and communication with the famed work ‘11 Minutes’, an anti-smoking film with a twist.


11 Minutes film

But it is not just the public service. Watch the Wagh Bakri film: ‘Rishto Ki Garmahat.’



Yes; they also end up doing over stretch of a thought and trying to wrap around a very forced emotional tag to it. View the Ksheer milk product’s film by Scarecrow.



Then they build it up for the water pumps with an almost parallel cinema treatment of the concept.



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