Law & Kenneth Saatchi & Saatchi looks to move India to #GiveHer5

08 Mar,2017

By A Correspondent


#GiveHer5 is a social movement conceived by Law & Kenneth Saatchi & Saatchi to draw attention to the five days over 350 million girls in India (nearly 80 per cent of the country) miss every month, just because of their period. In fact studies show that one in every five girls in India is forced to drop out of school just because she misses five days every month. #GiveHer5 helps give her 5 of ‘those’ days back, so she never misses out on school, her dreams, or her life. All it takes is 150 rupees.


Kickstarted by Ashok Kurien and the Ammada Trust, and powered entirely by women (and men) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, #GiveHer5 seeks to crowd source funds to give her Saafkins – the world’s first reusable, 12-hour menstrual protection. A proprietary disinfecting treatment called Livinguard Technology makes each Saafkins antimicrobial, and washable. Now finally, there is an affordable solution for the millions housebound every month during their period.


Within hours thousands had come together to share, like, retweet and pledge their support on social media. And by the end of the day, popular celebrities like Varun Dhawan, Arjun Kapoor and Rahul Khanna had joined the list of people pledging to #GiveHer5.


Commenting on the launch, Ashok Kurien, Founder/Executive Trustee – The Ammada Trust, said: “80 per cent of Indian women cannot afford sanitary napkins – so they use unhygienic cloth. 20 per cent of girls drop out, or miss 5 days of school every month. The Saafkins were invented to put these millions of underprivileged girls back in school and help them complete their education. A unique world-class technology product for just Rs.12 a month. We owe this to our girls!”


Delna Sethna, Chief Creative Officer, Law & Kenneth Saatchi & Saatchi said, “We so have the luxury as urban women to ignore our period… 80 per cent of the female population find their lives coming to a literal standstill for 2-5 of “those” days… We wanted to focus our efforts and impact the lives of the young school going girls, who more often than not drop out of school, rather than deal with the embarrassment (lack of sanitary protection, bathrooms, you name it), of their period… The math, when you put it out there is hard to refute: Rs150… Keeps one girl in school… For one whole year! How can we sit back and do nothing, especially the next time we sit down to order a “tall latte, please?”


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