#LaughAtDeathattempts to make Indians accept death

31 Mar,2017

By A Correspondent


Specialist heathcare agency Medulla and the Indian Association of Palliative Care (IAPC) have come up with what’s possibly yet another Cannes Lions award worthy work. It has launched a new public awareness campaign on palliative or end of life care that will help Indians #LaughAtDeath.


In India, death is a taboo topic, with people uncomfortable discussing it. Leaving terminally ill patients and their families confused, lonely and often depressed. Palliative or end-or-life care focuses on making terminally ill patients comfortable during their last days. It includes counseling for the patient and their family members, which helps them accept death, make the most of their last days and actually enjoy them.


These patients were selected from hundreds of terminally ill patients that IAPC members support daily, and trained by India’s best stand-up comedians – Kunal Kamra, Kashyap, Vinay Sharma, PunitPania, Shriram R and Anand Reghu.


The campaign has broken on Twitter through the first ever comedy show on Twitter and will be amplified on social and digital media through a partnership with The Logical Indian, a platform that leads news and issues that often miss the limelight in the traditional Indian media. Radio Mirchi is also joining hands to bring the #LaughAtDeath campaign to radio.


Said Amit Akali, Chief Creative Officer at Medulla: “This was the most difficult (almost impossible) project of our lives. Made easy and possible by the patients, eager to share their stories and make the most of their last days. They moved us with their courage and floored us with their live performances, some of them taking a stage for the first time in 85 years! They opened their lives to the stand-up comics and rehearsed hard for days.”


Said Mihir Chitre, Creative Group Head: “The most rewarding part of this campaign has been interacting with the terminally ill patients. I think they’ve changed the way I look at life.”


Added Praful Akali, Medulla founder and MD:“This is not just a campaign but an ongoing project and platform for terminally ill patients to share their stories and spread awareness on Palliative care. Love it because it brings alive the power of palliative care in a real way. It is about the strongest demo campaign you’ll ever see.”


Said Dr Mary Ann Muckaden, President of IAPC: “We are looking forward to increase access to palliative care in India with Medulla – right now only 3 per cent of cancer patients get even simple pain relief. Hopefully, this campaign will change that. A big thank you to the patients for sharing their stories, the comedians who trained them, Film-maker Rahul Sengupta for capturing their performances, the venue and media partners who supported us in creating awareness.”

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