It’s here. It’s by Pops. And it’s HyperCollective

08 Mar,2017


Veteran adperson KV Sridhar aka Pops unveiled his all-new venture: a collaboration of independent communication-led agencies called HyperCollective.


Pops believes that HyperCollective’s business model will be gamechanging and enable clients to forge a seamless connection between brand, technology and consumers. “The need of the hour is cocreation, collaboration with swiftness and agility,” he said, adding: “There is no single agency that excels in all four areas of content, communication, technology, and strategy. Through HyperCollective we have got on board some of the sharpest minds in these areas who have been pushing the envelope through their work. Our clients will have full access to all our collaborators at all times. As required, collaborators can be on-boarded in short span of time. Furthermore, we can add newer competencies in a blink of an eye. Collectively, we will orchestrate brand story seamlessly across platforms to cater to today’s always on world.”


Based in Mumbai, a strategic team at HyperCollective, helmed by Pops, will team up with its collaborators to offer services to brands, institutions, and government organisations. There are 21 collaborators on board, additionally, it has support of brand gurus, independent marketing consultants, media buying agency, PR agency, and celebrated filmmakers. Over the coming months, it aims to further strengthen the collective by onboarding collaborators offering niche, disruptive services. HyperCollective has been in ‘stealth mode’ for the past several months, working for iconic global brands and a handful of large Indian companies. Acting up on Nestle India’s vision, it has helped set up a Live Content Studio in the company’s HQ in Gurugram.




Ormax Consultants

Vispy Doctor, CMD, Ormax
Rajeev Sharma, CEO, Ormax Rhodium
Anand Bhatia, CEO, Ormax Money Pvt Ltd


Wolfzhowl Strategic Instigations

Kalyan Ram Challapalli, Founder & Chief Strategist


Umbrella Design
Bhupal Ramnatkar, Founder & Chairman


Sharpener  Hetal

Ajmera, Co-Founder
Bianca D’sa, Co-Founder


PING Digital Broadcast Pvt Ltd

Govindraj Ethiraj, Founder
Prashanto Das, Co-Founder


Supari Studios

Advait Gupt, Co- Founder

Akshat Gupt, Co-Founder


Meraki VR Studio

Sairam Sagiraju, Co-Founder

Parth Choksi, Co-Founder
Agam Garg, Co-Founder


Fanatics Karl

Gomes, Chief Fanatic at Fanatics


Simple Creative Inc

Sainath Saraban, Founder


Windchimes Communications Pvt Ltd

Nimesh Shah, Head Maven


Candid Marketing

Atul S. Nath, Founder & Managing Director
Amrita Kumar, Executive Director


Phoenix TalentX Branding

G.M. Singh, Co-founder


NetBramha Studios

Aashish Solanki, Principal Designer & Founder


Experience Commerce

Sandip Maiti, Co-Founder and CEO
Rajeev Sreenivasa, Co-Founder


Made by Fire

Vernon Dias, Founder and Managing Director


Moonraft Innovation Labs

Somakumar Kolathur, Co-Founder & CEO



Vimal Kutmutia, Founder & Strategist



Abhishek Chatterjee, CEO


triggerbridge, the un-agency

S Yesudas, Managing Director & Co-founder
Ajit Nair, Director & Co-founder
Amit Tripathi, Director & Co-founder

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