DY Works hosts session for CEIBS MBA students

01 Mar,2017

By A Correspondent


DY Works recently hosted the global executive MBA students from CEIBS University, Shanghai at a two-day conference at MISB Bocconi in Mumbai. The students/ group members ranged in work experience of between 10 to 15 years and are senior executives at the firms they work in. Their profiles vary from strategic consulting to business development, finance and management control. It was the first time for the members in India, completing a leg of visits with Tata and Infosys in Bangalore and with Future Group and DY Works in Mumbai.


As part of the study, the members spent time at general trade and modern trade outlets, across South, Central and Suburban Mumbai. The goal was to have them observe changes in package formats, new innovations, and communication methodology. They also had to observe store layouts and ease of navigation in them, the kind of consumers at these venues, buying behavior, purchase patterns and consumer trends.


It was noted that consumers still spent time in local markets and sabzi mandis for their daily and weekly produce unlike in China where produce purchase had moved largely to the supermarket format. This is governed by the Indian consumer’s need’ to see, touch produce, engage and have a personal relationship with the retailer, which was an important driver in purchase for this category.


“Overall, the students did understand that culture plays an important role in India and governs our purchase behavior, and that the roles of women and men, through access to education and employment, as well as changing family structures was going to affect product innovation and formats at shelf and thus how brands approach the India psyche. They also felt that the Indian consumer could not necessarily be catered to with a global lens, but needed to be understood and respected and thus businesses would have to have on ground interaction to create products that would win in the country,” commented Alpana Parida, MD, DY Works.


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