DSP Black Rock urges investors to get out of the fix

31 Mar,2017

By A Correspondent


DSP BlackRock Investment Managers hasannounced the launch of #UnfixYourMoney, a new digital campaign to promoteDSP BlackRock Money Manager Fund.


The campaign highlights the fixed mindset that plagues many of us while making use of our hard-earned money.


Said Aditi Kothari Desai, EVP and Head – Sales, Marketing &E-Business, DSP Black Rock: “Change is always difficult, but it is essential for real progress. Most of us find it easy to stick to what we know and have experienced earlier, not realizing that the world is changing and there is almost always a better way to do things. We see this play out the most with the Indian preference for traditional savings instruments. But when there are new age solutions that can ‘fix’ this problem, why not ‘unfix’ your thinking and make the right move? Our DSP Black Rock Money Manager Fund is a great investment tool for those looking beyond traditional saving options as it not only offers the potential of better tax efficient returns, but with the instant redemption facility, goes a step further with its promise of instant withdrawal and access. So why keep your hard earned money idle? Make it work hard for you.”


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