Dear MxM by Jaisurya Das: My boss asks me to fudge vouchers…

09 Mar,2017

By Jaisurya Das


Ladies And Gentleman… After much deliberation, I have come to the conclusion that “silence” from my part would be the best tribute to all my wonderfully beautiful women friends.

I was told this entire week is devoted to the #woman and that I am required to be on my best behaviour and so on..

Hence without further adieu I must take you straight onto our reader questions for this week.

And yes, thank you my readers from Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai !!


Sir, March 8 is celebrated as International Women’s Day. Do you think that in the name of gender equality, men in media often get a raw deal?

My friend.. Life is complicated already !! Why are you seeking answers to questions that are so politically incorrect? It is important to understand that, irrespective of what you may think, the woman is always right.  In the context of this universal truth your question is totally irrelevant!

But since you ask, yes, men in media get a raw deal but so do the women. So this raw deal stuff has really got nothing to do with the gender. It’s more company oriented.

And as principal shareholders of media companies would say: Tsk tsk, raw or ripe, it is all so relative.. !

Hence in the interest of global peace, you may like to join in me in wishing all of the female species much happiness and so on.. !


Last week, my manager asked me to present travel vouchers which she would sign and then asked me to give her the money. I think it is a corrupt and incorrect practice, but if I report to the HR head, my boss will make life miserable for me. To be fair, she takes us out for lunch with the money, but I think it’s a wrong practice. How do I wriggle myself out of this mess, without upsetting her.

Ha ha, this is one ingenious Boss you have there!! Taking you out on fudged vouchers isn’t acceptable at all…

It’s company money this way or the other but trying to gain brownie points from the team and in the process encouraging fake vouchers is just not done!

May I suggest that you speak to all your colleagues in the team and take a collective decision not to sign any fake vouchers despite what your boss tells you..

And, yes, If it gets nasty, report it to the HR and the CEO. Do not encourage such practices. It’s not going to get you anywhere !


I find salaries to analysts and writers in financial research and broking firms much higher than the business media. How can I as a journalist get a job in a broking firm as an analyst or editor?

So it’s all about the money, honey ! To get into broking firms you need to put your best analytical foot ahead and start applying..

However, it’s important to understand that this isn’t journalism or the business of content any longer… If you are fine with analytics and sharing space with the CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst ) who will be eventually run your life, it’s all good!

Eventually it all culminates in the eternal question from the Cheshire Cat in Alice and Wonderland…. “ So, Where do you want to go”…


Have a smashing week ahead my readers… And yes, all my wonderfully pretty friends .. This is your week !!!! Enjoy it to the hilt !  See you next week, same day, same space !!  Till then, Sayonara and God Bless !


Jaisurya Das, maverick and media evangelist, eats, sleeps and makes love to brands. His consulting interventions are aimed at making brands powerful and sustainable. He is also the Contributing Editor of MxM India and Co-Founder of more on his work, visit The views expressed in this column are his own.


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