Short cancer film by Gleneagles Global Hospitals makes a strong impact

08 Feb,2017

By A Correspondent


On the occasion of World Cancer Day 2017, Gleneagles Global Hospitals, a Parkway Pantai Enterprise unveiled a heart-touching short film titled ‘Miscalculation’. The film stresses on the dangers of oral cancer.


The video film highlights the ill effects of tobacco which not only affects the person but also ruins the dreams of his/her loved ones. The film was shot in Mumbai and showcases how a brilliant child has to give up studies leaving his dreams behind, to sell tea and manage the cost of his ailing father’s treatment for oral cancer. The touching part is an insightful dialogue wherein the boy mentions that, though his father adores him a lot, his love for tobacco dominates everything else in his life. Through this short film Gleneagles Global Hospitals wishes to create an emotional connect with the viewers to spread the message of healthy living.


Commenting on the short film, Ramesh Krishnan, CEO India Operations Division, Parkway Pantai said, “Through this campaign we aim to reach out to a wider audience emphasizing on the need to quit smoking and chewing tobacco in any form. According to a recent report by Indian Council of Medical Research, head and neck cancer account for more than 5.5 lakh of the total cancer cases reported in India every year. With India being in the 6th place on a worldwide level, we are witnessing a steep rise in oral cancer due to lack of awareness and negligence amongst people on the consequences of smoking and chewing tobacco. We continue to focus our efforts in prevention of occurrence and treating patients while also counseling and providing support to their caregivers to fight against such life threatening diseases.”


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