Sanjeev Kotnala: Will you send a Valentine Gift to your agency?

08 Feb,2017

By Sanjeev Kotnala


You haven’t heard a more stupid question than this.

And then you would ask me, Do you really think I should be doing this? What gave you that idea?
I know the first reactions the question would elicit.

Ok, let’s look at the other side.
Do you think your agency will send you a valentine gift?

I know it sounds a lot worse than the first question. It is something you do not expect.
After all, you are the man in this volatile relationship.
And Valentine is still all red roses for you.

However, if you were to pause for a moment and think. I am not asking anything impossible from your side. You do it every moment. So, look back at the dedicated, loyal, committed relationship that you and your agency are in. The love-hate experience will anyway put a couple to shame.

If there was one relationship in the world, where the extension of love from romance to everyday situation and relationships be most apt, easily acceptable and hugely liked, it will be this complex, misguided and misunderstood relationship. Yes, the relationship between client and agency. Let me be politically correct, should I say agencies.

Nevertheless, first the people in this relationship and the people with this not-so-innovative thought must themselves appreciate Valentine as a festival of caring, sharing and love. I know they are trying to de-romanticise the day and expand the market. Valentine’s Day has been coloured red and symbolised with pink teddy for ages, that thinking otherwise needs repeat reminders.

Then they should seek whatever traces of love, care and share in the client-agency relationship. A bit of self-esteem and loads of mutual respect would not really hurt the case.

Maybe at this stage, the eye may get wet. And the thought could strike you as novel, interesting and entertaining.

Let me help you. Here is sharing a thought by CARAT LINE on Valentine’s gift for a thoughtful colleague. Oh, that could have been the client too.



And here is a wider subset, Valentine gift for a roommate. That could be your art partner or better the brand planner.



Though both the communication takes a Woman-2-Woman gifting storyline; it is easily palatable and understood. There is nothing to suggest that it could not have been a Man-2-Man storyline. What say, creatively it would not fire !.

I agree completely with Azazul Haque, executive director, Ogilvy Bangalore, creative head, Ogilvy South, who in afaqs says: “encouraging people to recognise love in everyday relationships is expecting a bit much … . However, the stories (in Caratline) do clearly convey that in a simple and charming way”.

I am confident if many clients were to see it this way and create the communication to spread the world, the de-red-alienation of Valentine’s Day can happen sooner than later. And gift solution, suggestions at a lower cost ( in case of Caratlane INR 3000) may do the trick.

Dear Tanishq, Caratline, Famous Innovations and QED Films, are you giving Valentine gift to each other. Maybe the teams were working so hard to make things happen in the market, that such pious thought’s, to mirror the concept nearer home, easily escaped them.

Meanwhile, think, think hard. There is a time. Does your canteen boy, your boss, your sister or even your parents deserve a valentine day gift? Just asking. Who all will you give a Valentine’s Da gift this year?


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