Future Consumer unveils brand campaign in India

06 Feb,2017

By A Correspondent


Future Consumer Limited (FCL) is a forward-looking company dedicated to making products for the new generation of restless aspirers that constantly seeks something new. The company has created a whole new language of fusion product innovations, which will soon cater to anything and everything the Indian kitchen needs but doesn’t know yet.


It has unveiled a new campaign that is based on a simple truth about Indians. That they are a unique tribe of foodies, with the most experimental palates. They have an adventurous way of appreciating a completely new taste by truly making it their own. Only in India do we have the gumption, the ability or the bravado to take what the world is consuming and give it an interesting twist. Even the regular Indian fare is in a state of constant evolution and something new is always cooking in our kitchens. This campaign is an ode to the great Indian culinary adventure, taking place every day across the country.


Said Rahul Kansal from Future Consumer: “It was a pleasure working with Taproot on this campaign, as always. We gave them a simple brief: we at FCL are here to feed the great Indian foodie. They found a really graphic way to express this message, through the audio mnemonic of tongue-clicking (a uniquely Indian way of expressing the pleasure of great-tasting food). The metaphor of hybrid tastes that the film is based on, also brings alive the idea of our new-found spirit of experimentation, evocatively.”


Added Agnello Dias, Co-founder, Taproot Dentsu: “It was an interesting brief for an interesting brand and the simple insight that when it comes to food, we in India neither accept nor reject any new flavour outright – we tweak it to make it our own. Signed off, of course, by the great Indian ‘palate smack’, a satiating expression that is uniquely Indian.”


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