Fortune Mustard Oil introduces latest brand campaign

07 Feb,2017

By A Correspondent


Fortune KachiGhani Mustard Oil has launched its new campaign this month.  With the elections just around the corner, the film is centred on a topical issue – the funding for a political party. The premise is that ‘milavati’ or adulteration in oil can be bad for health just like corruption in a party.


The film opens with a group of party members having lunch. While a member is suggesting accepting funds without caring about election agenda, the party leader makes it clear that she doesn’t support corruption. She does this by using her food cooked in Fortune KachiGhani Mustard Oil, a 100 per cent pure mustard oil, as an analogy to drive her point across. She also adds that funding should also be devoid of any ‘milavat’ with the party’s agenda.


Conceived and executed by Ogilvy & Mather, this film hopes to ensure that consumers realise the issue of adulteration in mustard oils and think twice before buying their mustard oil.


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