Durex unveils the ‘Love Bug’ this Valentine’s Day

13 Feb,2017

By A Correspondent


On occasion of Valentine’s Day, Durex takes on the bold move to ignite the passion among lovers with ‘Look Up For Love’. In an era where technology has become an addiction, where lovers are too immersed in their virtual world on mobile and miss their real love,Durex has come up with a new campaign that when utilised properly, technology can rekindle the romance.


According to a recent study on one-upmanship in relationships, when a person begins to play with a mobile phone, their partner tend to spend even more time on his or hers. Where 71.4 per cent of people admitted using mobile phone very often and 61per cent agreed that their partner uses a mobile phone frequently, the figure shows how relationships are affected because of the technology and importance of creating a ‘technology-free’ zone with your loved one.


The campaign aims to bring together couples who are estranged because of the frequent usage of technology and encourage them to have a more real conversation with each other. To enhance the relationship and build true connection, Durex has launched the Love Bug – A reminder for your partner that you want to be #TrulyConnected.


Speaking about the new campaign, Rohit Jindal, Marketing Director – RB India said “The campaign is an attempt to inspire couples to ditch the technology, have a more real conversation and connect with each other this Valentine’s Day. We believe that key to a healthy relationship is staying engaged and appreciating every moment with each other.”


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