DentsuWebchutney creates campaign for Jaslok Hospital

06 Feb,2017



Leading Mumbai hospital, the Jaslok Hospital, has launched a drive to spread awareness about Dyslexia among parents and teachers. Conceptualised by DentsuWebchutney, ‘The Dyslexic Captcha’ campaign makes people experience Dyslexia first-hand.

“We are committed to innovation and compassion in healthcare and wellness. Our vision for this campaign was to make our audience understand the perils of Dyslexia. With this idea, we hope to make a difference in how Dyslexia is seen and understood,” said DrTarangGianchandani, CEO, Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre.

Added Gaurav Soi, Executive Vice President, DenstuWebchutney: “Jaslok Hospital is one of the leaders in the healthcare category. This campaign is a testament to Jaslok Hospital’s innovative approach as well as our core belief of staying at the forefront of bringing creative ideas to life via technology.”“This idea puts parents and teachers in the shoes of Dyslexic children. It not only makes them aware but also gives them an experience of Dyslexia through an interesting media innovation. We are quite sure that it will bring a positive change,” said Gurbaksh Singh, Chief Creative Technologist, DentsuWebchutney Innovation Lab.

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