Cigna TTK’s says ‘YES’ to heath to their consumers in its new brandcampaign

10 Feb,2017

By A Correspondent


Cigna TTK Health Insurance, a joint venture between U.S. based global health service leader, Cigna Corporation (NYSE:CI) and Indian conglomerate TTK Group, unveiled the # say ‘YES’  to health campaign.


Improving the health, well-being and sense of security of the people we serve is an imperative at Cigna TTK Health Insurance. This is the underlying philosophy of everything we do. Right from the design of the products to the way we deliver them. A deep dive into the consumer mindsets showed that when a consumer is planning to buy health insurance, there are many questions and apprehensions in their minds on the benefits of health insurance – leaving consumers with a feeling that when the moment of truth arrives they may not benefit. Cigna TTK’s brand strategy has been to partner their consumer in illness and in wellness. In this campaign the brand partners the consumers in the decision making process and builds a relationship that drives brand preference.


Speaking on launch of the new campaign, Sapna Desai, Head, Marketing and Communications, Cigna TTK Health Insurance said, “Our new  # say ‘YES’ to health campaign is designed to infuse positivity and affirmation for the set of consumers who are aware of health insurance, and are considering buying but are unable to make the final decision. It is within this context that Cigna TTK has chosen to # say ‘YES’ to health – reassuring customers that at Cigna TTK their health and well-being will always come first. The campaign leverages the product and service truths to differentiate and provide exclusive value to our customers based on their diverse needs.”


Adds Suraja Kishore, National Planning Head McCann, “In a country that’s witnessing a rise in health consciousness, subscribing to health insurance should be an obvious idea, but it’s clearly not the case. Consumer immersions we undertook revealed to us the reason for this gap. Consumer dissonance and confusion arising from hidden clauses in fine italics, and conditions-apply-asterixkeep consumers away from buying into the category.”


Cigna TTK # say ‘YES’ to health campaign is insightfully designed to assure and reinforce our promise of being a true partner in illness and wellness. The guiding philosophy is built around finding favorable product & service solutions at all times for example ensuring coverage worldwide in times of a medical emergencies, lowering premiums as a reward for staying healthy, restoring your sum insured to the full extent if it gets exhausted due to any other medical condition etc.”


The approach of this campaign is to keep the communication simple and endearing. The campaign will focus on print as the lead medium, with the support of radio & digital. Social media will be deployed both for awareness and engagement, as an always-on approach.


Give below is the link to the making of the # say ‘YES’ to health campaign with bytes from Sandeep Patel, CEO and MD, Cigna TTK Health Insurance and Sapna Desai, Head, Marketing and Communications, Cigna TTK Health Insurance.


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